Felt Floor Glides

Replacement felt base glides provide maximum protection against marring, scratching, or denting wood, cushioned vinyl, tile and marble. The wood felt and plastic are skillfully and permanently bonded. They won't rust or corrode like metal glides. They're quiet and glide easily and safely across smooth, clean surfaces. All glides are heavy duty.

Chair Glides-Safeglides
Safeglides felt flooring protectors are made with a patented, nickel-plated rivet. The wool felt pad is renowned for its long wearing ability.
Size Price Qty / Color  
7/8" $.76
1" $.78
1-1/2" $.98
Felt Glides-Snap on Caps
Snapglides™ install in a snap to fit the common 1-1/4" swivel glides, nickel- plated base glides or similar glides. They also may be used as cups for small metal or porcelain roller casters found on antique furniture. Felt and plastic are permanently bonded.
Size Price Qty / Color
1-1/4" $.58
Felt Glides-Stem Glides
For sled base horizontal pipe chairs.  Just remove existing clips.  Look for 1/4" holes and gently tap in place.  May also be used in wooden cross- grain applications by drilling quarter- inch hole. Felt and plastic are permanently combined. Available in white only.
Size Price Qty/Color
7/8" $.54
Felt Glides-Leveler
1/4-20 Leveler
1" of threads and 1" base. For replacing existing 1/4-20 levelers on tables and chairs. Felt and plastic are permanently bonded.
Size Price Qty
1/4-20 Thread $.89
Felt Glides-Self adhesive
Self Adhesive
Industrial- quality, self-adhesive wool felt. Just peel off backing and apply to clean, dry surface. Color White
Size Price Qty/Color  
3/4" Circles $.15
7/8" Circles $.18
1" Circles $.20
1-7/8" Circles $.41
5" x 1/2" Strips $.41
Carpet Base Tack Glides
1" OD Carpet Base Tack Glides
Designed for use on wood, tile and marble flooring. Not for use on chairs.
1-3/8" OD
Nail OD 0.08" x 0.60"
Price: $1.47 ea Order 100 or more $.98 ea
Felt Glides-Snap On Cap Low Profile
Low-Profile Felt Base Glide
1/4" high x 1-1/4" base
Price: $.94 ea
Qty :
Felt Glides-Snap On Cap Hi Profile
High-Profile Felt Base Glide
5/16" high x 1-1/4" base
Price: $.96 ea
Qty :
Chair-Glides-Heavy Duty Felt Pads
Heavy Duty Felt Pads
Durable, 3/16" thick, 100% polyester felt. Extra strong adhesive bonds permanently.
Size Pkg Price Qty  
1-3/4" x 2-1/2" Triangle 8 pcs $5.95
3/4" Circles 20 pcs $7.95
1/2" x 5-7/8" Strip 16 pcs $7.95
1-1/2" Circles 8 pcs $7.95
4-1/2" x 6" Rectangle 2 pcs $7.95
Combo Pak 25 pcs $9.95
Felt Glides-Slip on
Slip on Floor Saver
Fits over most swivel glides. Recommended for use on hardwood floors, VCT, Vinyl, linoleum, finished concrete & ceramic tile floors. Use in schools, hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes, offices & cafeterias.
Size Price Qty
24-611 Fits glides up to 7/8" $1.26 ea
24-612 Fits glides up to 1-1/4" $1.35 ea
Felt Glides-Hi Top Slip On
Hi-Top Slip on Floor Saver
This floor saver consists of a vinyl sleeve with a reinforced rounded felt bottom. They slip easily over round or square legs and stay put without adhesive.
Size Price Qty  
24-651 Fits glides up to 7/8" $1.24 ea
24-612 Fits glides up to 1-1/4" $1.37 ea
Felt Glides-Wrap Around
Peel and Stick Self Adhesive Wrap Around
2" long x 5/8" pad
with a wrap around on each side.
Price: $1.28 ea
Qty :  
Felt Glides-Pre Cut Tennis Ball
Pre-Cut Tennis Ball(PCTB)
12 Exciting Colors- Based on round objects of 1/2"-1-1/4" diameter.
Balls per package $4.45
60 Packages per case $240.00
(only one color per case)
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