Office Chair Cleaners & Upholstery Cleaners

Upholstery cleaner products developed to help clean and remove: ink, grease, oil stains, food & beverage stains, mildew and as a deodorizer & refreshner!
Fabric Deodorizer
Fabric Refreshner/Deodorizer
Fabric Freshener: This professional strength, ready to use product removes odors on fabrics. This product is a neutral quaternary disinfectant on non-porous surfaces and is engineered to safely clean and leave upholstery and any room smelling fresh and clean. #A5000 Size 12 x 24 oz. bottles. Price: $15.95 ea
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Sampler Case
(1) 24oz. Ink, Iodine & Grease Stain Remover -
(1) 24 oz. Food, Beverage & Protein Stain Remover-
(1) 24 oz. Fabric Freshener & Deodorizer-
(1) 24oz. Concentrated Extraction Cleaner-
(1) Free Upholstery Brush by Fuller
Price: $99.95 case
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Upholstery Brush
Upholstery Brush by Fuller Brush: This compact upholstery brush was developed specifically for use on soft textiles through combined efforts with The Fuller Brush Company: Commercial Division to work on all upholstery without damaging fabric. Soft, black bassine fibers in a rigid polyethylene block provide the proper agitation. Use this brush to safely clean all soft textiles. A5007
Price: $10.36 / each
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