The Original Classic 40/4 Wood Stacking Chair

40/4 named because 40 chairs stack four feet high. A smooth, tilted posture allows the chairs to be stacked and un-stacked quickly and easily. The 40/4 dolly permits easy movement and storage by one. These classic chairs are currently being used in offices, schools, churches, cafeterias and auditoriums throughout the world. The original 40/4 stacking chair designed by David Rowland
Wood Stacking Chairs

The surface veneer has a matt lacquered 0.6 mm knife-cut sanded veneer on both sides. The inner layers are in 1.2 mm rotary cut beech: 7 layers on seat and armrests, 9 layers on the back. The thickness of the seat is 9-10 mm, back 10-11 mm and armrest 9-10 mm.
Available in 5 wood tones .
10 Year Warranty
100% Recyclable

Total Height: 30 inches
Width: 19.75 inches
Seat Height: 17.5 inches
Seat Depth: 18 inches

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Select Finish:
Natural Veener
Stained Veener
Select Frame:
Chrome Plated
Bookrack &Tablet Arms for stacking chairs
Contour Tablet Arm Attachment
The simple addition of the tablet arm instantly creates a compact and a comfortable desk that is suitable for training centers, schools and anywhere a writing surface is needed! Tablet arm swings up to fold to side of chair.
Chairs with tablet arms may not be stacked.