Knoll® Multi-Generation Stacking Chair

MultiGeneration by Knoll encourages collaboration with a responsive, open design that supports multiple postures and a diversity of people in shared, team and large group environments.
Recognizing that we fidget — from tapping our feet to twirling our pens — to keep us alert and engaged, Formway Design gave MultiGeneration form and function that encourage natural movement, allowing us to focus, interact and communicate more effectively.
Knoll Stacking Chairs
Chair Dimensions
25.6" (with arms)
: 21.4"
Height: 33.6"
Seat Height:17.3"
Open design for 270° sitting
Passive flex encourages natural movement
Rolled top edge serves armrest when side sitting, or handle for transporting
Chairs stack 6 high on the ground, 10 high with optional dolly
Available with casters or glides
This chair has been tested and is approved for use by individuals weighing up to 300 pounds
This chair is warranted for 12 years, 24-hour, 7 days a week, multi shift use.
Starting Price: $183.00
Other options available. Please inquire.
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Transport Stacking Dolly
Stacks 10 MultiGeneration Chairs for easy transport and storage.
Price: $237.00 ea
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