Wheel Covers and Coasters for Casters

wheel covers for casters
Converts hard wheel casters to soft floor saving wheels. Prevents casters from sliding and scratching. Protects floors from wheel damage. Increases floor life; decreases floor maintenance costs.
Reduces nicks, scratches, scrapes, gouges.
One size fits most 1-3/4" to 2-1/8" diameter dual wheel casters.
Installs in seconds - no tools required.
Contains: 10 Charcoal Colored 1-3/4" Wheel Covers
Price: $ 16.95 each  or order 3 or more $ 14.95 each

Caster Coaster
Caster Coasters Prevents casters from damaging carpets of wooden floors 4 per package
Size Material Price Qty  
2" Dia. Brass $7.40
2-3/4" Dia Brown Rubber    4.36
2" Dia Black Plastic    2.60
2" Dia Clear Plastic    4.36