Folding Chair Parts

Replacement parts for folding chairs and tables

clarion folding chair glide
Clarion Folding Chair Glide
Fits Clarion Folding Chairs
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folding chair plug
Folding Chair Plug
Fits 7/8 inch tubing (outside). Replaces the plug that sits on the top of the leg tube and acts as a bumper for the chair back.
Temporarily Unavailable
Folding Chair V-Tip Stabilizer Caps 
Fits 7/8" OD Tube, Top of Leg - Replacement Parts Works with Metal and Padded Chairs
Our replacement 7/8 inch stability caps, also known as V-Tips, are designed to fit most all steel and padded or upholstered folding chairs. These type of chairs have a tubular steel frame with a measurement of approximately 7/8 inch outside diameter. These caps fit OVER the frame. Folding chairs are usually produced either using a cap type stabilizer that goes over the tube, or a plug type insert that goes inside the tube. Users will want to use the same type of stabilizer that came on your folding chair.
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folding chair ganging kit
Ganging Clip Kit
For 7/8"Rd. Tube Kit includes 2 spacers 1 clip and instuctions. Place spacers onto leg then apply clip that snaps onto the chair leg to hold two chairs together. Use one Kit for front legs & one Kit for back legs.
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folding chair ganging clip
Ganging Clip
For 1-1/8 Rd.Tube Snaps onto the chair leg to hold two chairs together. Use one clip for front legs and one clip for back legs.
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square plastic insert tipslanted insert chair tip
Plastic Tips
fits 3/4" O. D., 5/8" I.D. Square Tubing.
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Straight $1.16
Slanted $1.16
lyon folding chair feet
Lyon Folding Chair Feet
Use with mounting hardware pack KGL33.
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Front $3.70
Rear $3.70
Mounting Hardware
For Lyon chair glides
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plastic chair tip round
Plastic Chair Tips
OD Price Qty Color  
5/8" .88
3/4" .96
1" $1.18
1-1/8" $1.30
ribber chair tip round
Rubber Chair Tips Smooth
Color Black
OD Price Qty  
3/4" 1.49
7/8" 1.71
1" $1.80
1-1/8" $1.86
rubber chair tip ribbed
Rubber Crutch Tip Ribbed
Color Black
OD Price Qty  
5/8" $1.44
3/4" $1.35
1" $1.41
1-1/8" $1.80
1-1/4" $1.86